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Shipping Terms
Jul 24, 2018

The shipping clause is a basic clause in the contract of ship Insurance. In reference to the international marine Insurance practice, the article also stipulates the clauses in the ship insurance clause. The main purpose is to require the insured ship to be unable to engage in towing or salvage services at sea, and not to carry out direct loading and unloading of goods with his vessel (non-port or coastal use) at sea, including approaching, docking and departure, and prohibiting the carrying out of an insured ship for the purpose of dismantling or selling Within this limitation, the insurer shall be liable for insurance unless the insured has obtained the consent of the insurer in advance and accepts the modified underwriting conditions and the premium required, or otherwise covered the voyage insurance for the voyage for the purpose of scrapping or dismantling the ship.

Otherwise, the insurer is not responsible for the loss caused and the liability to the third person.

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