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Marine Industry
Jul 24, 2018

Maritime transport is the most important mode of transportation in international logistics, which refers to the use of ships to transport goods between ports in different countries and regions through sea lanes.

More than 2/3 of the total volume of international trade, China's import and export freight volume of about 90% are the use of maritime transport. With the rapid development of China's economy, China has become one of the most important shipping countries in the world.

Entering the new century, China's shipping industry to maintain rapid growth momentum, the port throughput and container throughput at an annual average of 16.5% and more than 30% of the speed of development. 2007, China's maritime transport industry continued to maintain rapid development, the year to achieve an increase of 341.4 billion yuan, an increase of 21.1% than the previous year. By 2007, billion tons of Dagang from 2000 3 development to 14, Shanghai port throughput from 204 million tons to 531 million tons, in 2005 leaped into the world's first port. Shanghai port container throughput 26.15 million standard box, first ranked second in the world, after Singapore.

China's coastal mining, coal, oil, box, grain five transportation systems are basically established, port cargo throughput and container throughput ranked first in the world for five consecutive years, container annual throughput of 2007 first breakthrough billion boxes, ship capacity of more than 100 million dwt. In the first half of 2008 China's shipping market overall prosperity, segmentation of the market differentiation is obvious. In the second half of 2008, the financial crisis to the real economy accelerated transmission, is causing the global shipping industry into a slump in the plight. In contrast to the industry's exclamation of a few years ago that the shipping industry is in the best development opportunity for 10 years, this sudden and momentous setback is dramatic.

The great importance attached to the crisis, especially to the serious situation of the future development, is reflected by the international shipping industry, which reflects the deep setback of the shipping industry and the impact of the crisis. In the face of crisis, for everyone, there is both danger and opportunity. The financial crisis provides the opportunity for the upgrading of China's maritime industry, and the shipping industry falls back from the high profit range, which will directly accelerate the pace of the marine enterprises ' fittest and resources integration, and accelerate the development of shipping to large and specialized direction. The financial turbulence has also created the conditions for the shipping industry to change the way of development, and the maritime enterprises can improve their scientific development ability by actively expanding the field and scope of cooperation with capital, finance and insurance industries.

The economic crisis has caused the current prices of ships and steel to fall sharply, creating conditions for shipping companies to achieve low-cost expansion. China's maritime industry "national country" strategy accelerated in recent years, shipping enterprises and customers more and more close cooperation. Shipping enterprises, in addition to signing with the major customers import iron ore, crude oil and other bulk cargo contracts, shipping companies and customers to form a joint venture transport company mode of cooperation is also beginning to appear.

The country's energy transport plan will increase the proportion of oil and bulk raw materials shipped by China to more than 50% by 2010, and gradually increase to around 80% by 2015. Since the reform and opening up, China's foreign trade has grown rapidly, the total import and export trade ranked the world Forefront, 2007 China's Foreign trade growth

Reached a record 2,173,830,000,000 U.S. dollars, 2008 1-September, China's foreign trade imports and exports close to 2 trillion U.S. dollars, up to 1.9671 trillion U.S. dollars, and more than 90% of China's foreign trade volume by sea to complete, in the long run, China's maritime market development prospects attractive. December 28, 2015, according to the relevant enterprises to provide clues, after more than a year of investigation, the Development and Reform Commission on the Japanese Ship Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Steamship Co., Ltd., Merchant Marine Mitsui, Granville Roll Shipping Company Limited, China Wheel Wilson Logistics Co., Ltd., Chile South America Steamship Co., Ltd., Japan East Vehicle Shipping Co., Ltd., Chile shipping Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. 8 of rolling Cargo international shipping enterprises to achieve and implement collusive bidding price monopoly agreement on the conduct of the law to impose penalties, respectively, in 2014 with the Chinese market-related rolling cargo international shipping service sales of 4% to 9% of fines, The total fine is $407 million.

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