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Liner Shipping
Jul 24, 2018

A. Characteristics of liner Transport: (L) Liner Shipping has fixed shipping schedules, routes, ports of call and relatively fixed freight rates; (2) liner shipping costs include handling charges, so the liner port handling by the ship side is responsible for, (3) The number of liner carriers more flexible, the owner on demand booking,

Especially suitable for general cargo and container freight transport.

B. Liner shipping costs. Liner shipping charges are provided by the liner, including basic shipping costs and various surcharges.

The basic freight is divided into two main categories: one is the traditional freight transport, and the other is the container-box rate. The grocery also has the freight rate according to the commodity price or the number of pieces.

A large number of low-value goods can be negotiated by both the ship and the freight.

There are many kinds of surcharge in liner freight, including: extra long surcharge, overweight surcharge, choice of unloading port surcharge, change of unloading port surcharge, fuel surcharge, congestion surcharge, air surcharge, transshipment surcharge, and direct shipping surcharge.

In addition to the above shipping costs, the cost of container transportation includes the related service charge and equipment use fee. In addition, liner companies in the same packaging for different goods, according to the higher the charge of the charges charged.

The same ticket goods, such as packaging, their billing level and standards are also different, if the shipper does not specify the gross weight and volume according to the different packing, then the total price of the goods is charged at the higher charge, and the same bill of lading has two or more different goods, if the shipper does not specify the gross weight and the volume separately, also from the high charge.

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