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Dock Classification
Jul 24, 2018

Professional Dock A pier for loading and unloading of goods for a fixed type and direction relative to an integrated pier. such as: Coal Wharf, fertilizer (bulk or bagged) terminals, oil terminals, container terminals and so on.

It is characterized by the dock equipment more fixed, easy to load and unload machinery and automation, high loading and unloading efficiency, pier through capacity, management facilitation.

Container Terminals A wharf for container handling. It is generally to have special loading and unloading, transport equipment, there should be consolidation, storage container of the wide yard, there are for the classification of goods and disassembly containers for container freight stations. Because the container can be a variety of miscellaneous pieces of goods and packaging of the whole cargo to form a standardized unity, so you can use large specialized equipment for loading and unloading, transportation, to ensure cargo handling, transport quality, improve dock loading and unloading efficiency.

So at present all over the world to the bulk of the goods in the group, containerized transport are very important.

Cargo Dock Along the river, rivers, lakes, the Sea of factories and mines, in the raw materials, fuel, manufactured goods in the course of transport, in order to reduce the reverse load and short-distance transport, reduce product costs, usually near the enterprise, by the enterprise construction dock.

This kind of professional more strong pier, known as the owner of the wharf.

Oil Dock Professional dock for handling crude oil and oil products. It is from the general cargo terminal and other fixed buildings to have a certain fire safety distance, see "Oil port". Such terminals are generally characterized by small cargo load, loading and unloading equipment is relatively simple, when the tanker is not large, the general light type of wharf can be adapted. Due to the large size of marine tanker in modern times, according to the characteristics of oil tanker resisting wind and wave ability and deep draft, it is not very demanding to dock stability condition. At present, there are four deepwater terminals for handling crude oil, namely: Single point mooring, multi Point mooring, Island Dock and Trestle pier.

The first three species generally do not have wind-resistant buildings, the last one is whether the wind and waves of buildings, depending on the form of layout and local conditions.

Comprehensive Dock Also known as the General Pier. A pier capable of carrying out a variety of cargo handling operations. The use of general loading and unloading machinery and equipment, generally the main cargo handling parts.

This kind of wharf adaptability is strong, in the goods species is unstable or the batch size is not suitable.

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