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Definition Of Maritime Transport
Jul 24, 2018

Refers to the ocean tidal phenomenon Northern Wei Li Dao yuan "Water through the Note warm": "Fu South to 4,000 lane, water step road ... Since the boat officials bet on the East Lake of Pune, the water is even. Tide on the West stream, the Tide day and night seven or eight feet long. From the West, Syzygy and Tide, a 7th, water Zhang six or seven. After 7th, day and night into the tide, water length one or two feet. Spring and Autumn, Changan a limit. The degree of uncertainty, the water is not shrinking, is for sea, also yue like water also.

Ancient meaning "Yuan history, food and goods Five": "Sea, the yuan from the ancestors of the Beugene of the word, the age of the southeast millet, from the seaway to the capital." "Ming Taozongyi," "The Chita Sea": "The Sea of grain storage, since the Zhu Zhang Yi beginning, thought that there is no ancient." Press the bar Ministry "Zhaojun" Cloud: ' Yue Yang chivalrous ground, drums blow sheng Dasheen. Clouds sail to the sea, Rice to East Wu. ’...... In this way, the Tang Dynasty had already been transported by sea. "The Ming record": Tian Kai December 2 (28th) is ugly, governor of the Department of the right Shilang from the Shanyan ' North Korea Road insurance, Deng Lai false Way convenient ', The FU (Bangkoli) According to change the road to the government to handle shipping matters in time, chapter under the ministry. "The Zheng should be" prosperous prophecy-Railway ":" Since the river diverted to sea, the ship dealings fee province and the Czech Republic.

This is a generic term for maritime transport. Chen Yi, "Azolla visit Guanghua Sea ship" words: "Shipping for a century without me, now rose to flourish."

"See the Ming-danger of the Yuan Maritime records," The Qing continued to pass the literature of the national use of the XV.

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