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Basic Terminology Of Maritime Transport
Jul 24, 2018

A contract between a charterer and a person under the contract. The terms and conditions of the contract are the same as those concluded by the charterer and the shipowner (often referred to as head contract).

The purpose of the same provision is to ensure that any sums, such as a speed charge, which the charterer may have to pay to the house, can be recovered from the shipowner.

No-load Drive Sailing between the two ports, the reason why the ship has to be unloaded: (1) There are no shipments at the port of discharge, (2) There may be a series of voyage shipments between the two ports in some cases, but only one direction is suitable for shipment; (3) and some other cases.

It may be more cost-effective to sail to a port to ship a high freight charge than a low freight shipment to the port.

Rate level A category on a shipping company or liner conference tariff, each of which includes a single fee category and a set of items applicable to that rate.

These grades are turned into numbers for easy identification and may be preceded by W or m, indicating whether the freight is calculated by weight or by size.

Additional demurrage fee The amount paid to the shipowner by the voyage charterer, shipper or consignee, as the case may be, due to failure to complete the loading and unloading within the agreed period of delay.

The daily rate of the additional demurrage fee is stipulated in the Charter Party contract.

Rebate Commission The Commission paid by the shipowner to the charterer is expressed as a percentage of freight or rent, usually 2. 5%.

Although this commission is used by charterers as a means of reducing freight or rent, it may be adjusted by the shipowner.

Liner Shipping A service provided by a shipping company in which the cargo ship operates regularly in the port of loading of the scheduled announcement. The freight rate is calculated on the basis of the company's tariff.

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