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Analysis Of The Situation Of Ocean Transportation
Jul 24, 2018

At present, the World economic development environment has undergone great changes, the World Economic Center has begun to transfer to the Asia-Pacific region, and the development of the world economy will set off a new upsurge in the West Pacific coast, and further strengthening the regional economy and the development of multinational groups are providing favorable conditions for the development of China's port construction and shipping industry. Faced with great opportunities, China's Hong Kong shipping industry's own lack of capacity problem is very prominent, the lack of large tankers and large tanker terminals, so that China's oil import transport in China only accounted for 10% of the carriage, had to hire a large number of foreign shipping.

Not only must pay a large amount of foreign exchange, but also lost the development of China's maritime industry and increase employment opportunities. The shipping industry is a capital-intensive industry, and in the absence of funds, most of the import and export goods are not controlled by the developed countries ' fleets, and China has not been spared the misfortune. Along with the development and acceleration of China's industrialization process, this problem will become more and more prominent.

If the solution is not good, will form a bad cycle. With the rapid growth of national economy and foreign trade, China's maritime transportation industry has been continuously and rapidly developing. With the increasing volume of sea freight and the increasing influence of China's maritime transport in the world, it has become an important factor for the prosperity of global shipping. With the rapid development of China's maritime industry, its market environment has also undergone profound changes, in particular, the Chinese government to take an active role in opening up and international shipping practices in line with the maritime policy and regulations, for the maritime industry to provide a "competitive, open, transparent" market environment.

Chinese shipping practitioners, including foreign investors in China must always understand and study their own market environment, in order to take stock of the situation, master the course, in the constant encounter new situations, and constantly solve new problems, to develop and grow. 2012, the global economic recovery is weak, most international maritime demand continues to slump. China's export container composite Freight index was released in October 2012 at 1187.72 points, down 2.2% from the previous period; Shanghai's export container Freight index was 1202.96 points, down 3.6% from the previous period. 2012 European routes in the traditional peak season transport demand has been weak, the lack of substantial growth in the volume of freight routes, shipping companies and classes, suspension reduction capacity also failed to reverse the continued decline in tariff levels, the current freight rate within three months fell about 600 U.S. dollars TEU, approaching break-even point.

Shipping companies for the canvassing price war, market tariffs generally fell 100-200 U.S. dollars feu around. 2012, China's shipping industry into a deep downturn, the 3-quarter Chinese shipping boom index of 78.17 points, in the less prosperous range, the chain down 16.37 points, the shipping business Enterprise's index of 70.16 points, the chain down 17.47 points, in the less boom zone. Among them, dry bulk cargo Transportation Enterprise's sentiment index is 58.54 points, the chain drops 15.68 points, is in the less prosperous zone, the container Enterprise's sentiment index is 87.32 points, is in the relative not prosperous zone, the chain drops substantially 32.08 points. In the 3 quarter, the port enterprises in the economic index of 97.42 points, in a weak recession zone, the chain down 20.72 points, the port enterprises since the financial crisis for the first time fell into the boom zone. The 2012 downturn in the shipping market is a foregone conclusion, and 2013 may be even more sad, will become the most dark days before the dawn of shipping companies.

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