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Prohibited Goods by air
Jul 24, 2018

Goods or substances that threaten the safety of aviation flight may obviously endanger personal health, safety or damage to property in air transport.

There are mainly the following types of transport of goods  Small and expensive items: cash, securities, bills of exchange, credit cards, jewellery, cameras. Emergency items: Medicines, keys, passports, traveler's checks, business documents. Irreplaceable items: manuscripts, ancestral articles, fragile products: glasses, glass containers, liquids. The above items should be carried with you or placed in carry-on baggage under the seat. The airline shall bear the liability for the loss or damage of the above items in the checked baggage according to the general checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to carry control knives.

The tool or blunt instrument other than the control cutter should be checked with the checked baggage and cannot be carried.

Require relevant departments to issue relevant certificates before shipping international routes baggage regulations

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