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Price algorithm for air transport
Jul 24, 2018

Shenzhen air transport price relative to the steam, shipping are more expensive point, can express the speed of Shenzhen air Courier, air transport can be achieved, the Shenzhen air Price algorithm Shenzhen air to where, in accordance with the weight of goods, Shenzhen Air Cargo, or to fight wooden racks, air prices are the first heavy + continued heavy,

Specific air to which city to set the price of the Shenzhen air price.

The free baggage allowance for international routes is divided into two kinds of free baggage allowance and piecework allowance.

Weighing the amount of free baggage, according to the passenger's fare and seating level, the free baggage allowance for each unanimous or half-price passenger is 40 kg (88 lbs), Business class 30 kg (66 lbs), Economy class (including travel discount) of 20 kg (44 lb), and no free line Li Yu for infants who purchase tickets by 10% adult full fare. Piecework free baggage allowance, in accordance with the fares of passengers to the seat level, each unanimous or half-price passengers of the free baggage allowance of two pieces, each piece long, wide, three sides of the sum and not more than 158 cm (62 o'clock), each weight shall not exceed 32 kg.

However, for passengers holding economic class (including travel discount) tickets, the sum of two Li Chang, width and height shall not exceed 273 centimeters (117 hours), and no free baggage allowance is provided for infants who purchase tickets by 10% of the adult full fare.

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