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Packaging requirements for air transport
Jul 24, 2018

Air cargo to the packaging is very strict, so in the air, the packaging of the goods must strictly enforce the relevant provisions of air transport to the packaging of goods can safely reach the designated location.

General provisions for the packing of goods

1. The packing of the goods shall be firm and intact, and in the course of transportation, it can prevent the packing breakage, leakage and loss of the material, prevent the damage or deterioration of the goods due to the stacking, friction, concussion or the change of air pressure or temperature, and prevent injury to the operator or pollute the aircraft, 2. The advance material in the package (such as sawdust, confetti) can not be leaking out. In addition to paper bags packaged goods (such as documents, information, etc.), the consignment should be packed with bundles.

It is strictly prohibited to use grass bags or rope to bundle goods.

3. Packaging, in addition to the nature of the goods, state and weight, but also to facilitate handling, loading and unloading and stacking, the outer surface of the package can not have prominent nails, hooks, thorns and so on, packaging to clean, dry, no smell and grease.

4. The packing belt used for strapping shall be able to withstand the full weight of the goods and ensure that the goods are not disconnected when they are lifted.

5. If the packaging of the goods does not conform to the relevant provisions in this manual, the shipper shall be required to improve or repackage it before receiving shipment.

Special provisions for some goods

1. Powdered goods With bags, the outermost layer should use plastic coated textile bags for outer packaging to ensure that the powder does not leak out, the gross weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 50 kilograms; with a hard paper barrel, a wooden barrel, a plywood barrel, the barrel body is not broken, the seam is tight, the barrel cover is sealed, the barrel hoop is strong and strong, and the weight of each bottle shall not exceed 1 kilograms. Use iron or wooden material for outer packing, filling with gasket material in box.

The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25 kilograms.

2. Liquid Goods The inside of the container must be 5-10%, the cover must be closed; The capacity of each container shall not exceed 500 ml in the case of liquid in a glass container. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25 kilograms.

The box should be filled with gasket and absorbent material to prevent sloshing or liquid seepage.

3. Not afraid of the pressure of the goods

Can not be packaged, such as tires, not easy to count pieces, irregular shape, appearance and transport equipment similar or easy damage to the aircraft, should use rope, linen bandage or additional packaging.

4. Precision and fragile, brittle and fragile goods

The gross weight of a single piece of goods shall not exceed 25 kilograms, and the following methods may be used for packing:

① suspended Packaging: The use of a few springs or ropes, from the box in all directions to suspend the goods in the middle of the box.

② Multi-level packaging: That is, cargo-gasket materials-Internal packaging-gasket materials-Transport packaging (outer packaging).

③ Glassware Packaging: Should use sufficient thickness of foam and other gasket materials muffled, plus rugged corrugated box or wooden case, the contents of the box should not be shaken.

④ anti-inverted packaging: the chassis is large, there is a hand-held ring or roof-type box cover packaging, should not be flat on the glass plate, such as wind glass must use such packaging.

5. Large Cargo

The bottom of the cargo with large volume or weight shall be a sleeper or a base which is convenient for forklift operation.

Part of packing type stipulation

1. Wooden Case

The thickness and structure should be suitable for the safe transportation of the goods, and the wooden cases containing valuables, precision instruments and fragile articles shall not have any defects such as corrosion, moth, or crack.

2, Carton

Should be able to withstand the same packaging goods 3 meters or 4 of the total weight of the floor.

3. Basket, Baskets The establishment of close, neat, firm, continuous, no provision, the size of the 50x50x60 to no more than cm, a single piece of gross weight of not more than 40 kilograms appropriate, inside the goods and gasket materials must not be leaked.

Should be able to withstand the same type of goods stacked 3-storey high total weight.

4, Iron drums The thickness of the sheet metal shall correspond to the weight of the loaded goods.

A single piece of 25-100 kg of small and medium-sized drums, should use 0.6-1.0 mm of metal production, a single piece of gross weight in 101-180 kg of large drums, should use 1.25-1.5 mm of metal production. In short, if air cargo is to be carried out, shippers should be aware of how the goods can be packaged to pass the provisions of the air, whether the need for special packaging packaging, or the use of cartons for packaging, and so on, so shippers will not because the packaging does not meet the requirements of repackaging or improved.

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