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Operation Flow of Sea
Jul 24, 2018

Shipper's handling document: The carrier's agent receives the manifest, the cargo stowage plan, after the division manifests to the customs to handle the ship laden entry formalities, and sends the arrival notice to the consignee, simultaneously will send the above-mentioned document to the port, the tally and so on the unit, after the ship arrives at Hong Kong, the tally company according to the cargo stowage plan to instruct the unloading,

When the goods overflow or the original residue, the preparation of goods overflow short single or damaged goods, after the first mate signed, provide the relevant units.

The goods are checked by the consignor until the consignee extracts the goods, and several major maritime documents and their circulation procedures are as follows:

1. Shipping documents (to be handled by shipper)

The shipper fills in the consignment bill (including the consignment bill, the loading list, the receipt, etc.), because the contents of these three documents are approximately the same, so they are merged into a single and printed once. Consignment Order: The consignment order is also a fixed position, the contents of the shipper, the name of the ship, the port of destination, goods name, mark and number, number of pieces, weight and so on. The shipper is checked by this one-way carrier's agent, after acceptance of the carrier, the agent shall fill in the name of the vessel, retain the consignment form, return the shipper, the shipper or his agent to the Customs for the Export declaration formalities, and the Customs shall, upon approval of the release, cover the release seal on the loading list, Shipper or his agent to ship or direct shipment to the Port warehouse; then the loading and receiving orders to the tally company, after the ship arrived in Hong Kong, with this tally of goods on board, each ticket loaded on board, the first mate retained the bill of lading, signed the receipt;

The shipper waits for the bank to settle the settlement by Bill of lading and sends the bill of lading to the consignee. Loading list: That is, the carrier's handling of the shipping document. is the shipping company or its agent after receiving the shipper's application, a document issued to a shipper or a freight forwarder, the carrier's agent is required by the shipper to fill in the loading list and the manifest, according to the carrier's request, the cargo stowage plan is compiled according to the loading list, and after the ship arrives at Hong Kong, the ship shall keep a copy,

Provide to the agent a number of copies, forwarding to the carrier's port of discharge agent, the preparation of a separate manifest, the agent according to the actual situation of the shipment, repair the list of goods, after the first officer signed, to the customs for the departure formalities, according to the loading list of freight forwarding to the carrier's port

2. Ship unloading document (to be handled by consignee) Receipt: After the goods are loaded, the chief officer of the carrier ship is issued to the shipper, indicating receipt of the goods which have been received and shipped. Upon receipt of the original bill of lading, the consignee the agent of the carrier in exchange for bills of lading, the agent issued a bill of lading, shall maintain the original B/L, manifest and the contents of the order of lading consistent; the consignee to the customs after the clearance formalities, and then to the Port warehouse or ship edge to extract goods; When the consignee is in receipt of the goods less than the bill of lading or damaged, it shall obtain a short list of goods or damaged goods, and make a claim against the carrier through the agent.

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