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Mode of transport by air
Jul 24, 2018

CHANGPEO Air Transport specific mode of operation mainly include: Flight transportation, charter transport, centralized consignment mode, air dispatch, delivery, payment methods, air transport and so on. 1, the aircraft refers to the regular sailing, the fixed route, fixed predicate, the way station and the purpose station plane.

Its biggest characteristic is to be able to grasp the loading and arrival time exactly. 2, charter transport refers to airlines or charter agencies, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed in advance with the tenant of the aircraft or a part of the space leased to the Charter (cabin) person, from one or several air stations to the designated destination.

Generally speaking, the freight Charter (cabin) is lower than the flight, but the scope of activity is small. 3, centralized shipping means that the Air cargo agent to a number of separate shipments of sporadic goods to form a whole batch, centralized to the airline consignment way. Fill in a total waybill sent to the same arrival station, and then commissioned by the air freight forwarders in the local agent responsible for receiving and division to the actual consignee.

The biggest feature of this approach is that it can be more than sporadic consignment for low freight rates, and reduce the owner of their own handling of the cumbersome consignment. 4, Air Express transportation is air courier.

This method is especially suitable for fast transportation of items, medical devices, valuables, drawing materials, key parts, samples, documents and other small items, and adapts to the needs of modern society fast paced. 5, the goods to the payment method, is a prior agreement between the consignor or his agent and the carrier, the carrier in the goods arrived at the destination to the consignee at the same time, on behalf of the consignor or his agent to collect the cargo waybill recorded on the goods, and then sent to the consignor or his agent, that is, collecting money business.

And the air freight, declaration value and reprehensible handling fee, by the consignor prepaid, also can be paid by the consignee at the destination. 6, the use of container transport in the air transport is the general trend. However, due to the special shape of the aircraft space, the use of containers in large aircraft cargo hold can be used outside the standard box, the general use of size, volume, different shapes of non-standard boxes.

The use of container transport is mainly to improve transport efficiency, as well as save packaging, conducive to turnover and so on.

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