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How do we calculate cubic meter
Sep 03, 2018

      Most Loosen cargo are calculated by cubic and weight whichever bigger. sea shipping almost started less 1 CBM. if goods volume is 0.5 CBM, its should also calculate 1 CBM. if goods volume is 1.2 CBM. its should calculate 1.2 CBM. 

     1 CBM volume goods could not exceed to 500KG weight. if goods actual cubic is 0.8 CBM or just 1 CBM. but its weight is 700 KG. the final cubic is 700 / 500 = 1.4 CBM. 

     1 CBM = 1 meter Length X 1 meter Wide x 1 meter High (all goods accumulate together by measure its total L x W x H )

     For example: 1 box. its length is 35 cm, wide 50 cm and high 50 cm. its cubic volume is 0.087 CBM


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