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Air waybill
Jul 24, 2018

Air waybill (airway Bill) is very different from ocean bill of lading, but similar to the International railway waybill. It is an important cargo transport document issued by the carrier or its agent and is a contract of carriage for both parties, and its contents are binding on both parties.

An air waybill is not transferable, and an air waybill does not indicate that it can claim ownership of the goods.

(i) Air waybill is the contract of carriage between the shipper and the air carrier

Unlike the bill of lading, the air waybill not only proves the existence of the air transport contract, but also the air waybill itself is the contract of carriage of goods concluded between the consignor and the air transport carrier, which is effective after the joint signature of the two parties and expires after the goods have been delivered to the consignee on the waybill.

(b) Air waybill is a proof of the received goods issued by the carrier The air waybill is also a cargo receipt, and after the consignor has dispatched the goods, the carrier or his agent will give one of them to the consignor (i.e. the consignor) as proof of the receipt of the goods.

Unless otherwise stated, it is proof that the carrier received the goods and shipped them under good conditions.

(iii) Air waybill is the carrier's bill for the collection of freight charges The air waybill separately records the expenses which belong to the consignee, the expenses which should be paid to the carrier and the expenses that should be paid to the agent, and specify the type and amount of the fee, so that it can be used as freight bill and invoice.

Carriers also tend to associate carriers as vouchers for bookkeeping.

(iv) Air waybill is one of the declaration documents Air waybill is one of the customs declaration documents when exporting.

When the goods arrive at the destination airport for import declaration, the air waybill is usually the basic document of Customs inspection and release.

(v) Air waybill can also be used as an insurance certificate

Air waybill may also be used as an insurance certificate if the carrier undertakes insurance or CONSIGNOR's request for insurance by the carrier.

(vi) Air waybill is the basis of internal business of the carrier The air waybill is accompanied by the goods, which proves the identity of the goods.

The waybill is uploaded with respect to the shipment, transshipment and delivery of the goods, and the carrier will make corresponding arrangements for the carriage of the goods accordingly. Original three copies of the air waybill, each copy is printed on the back clause, one of which is the basis for the receipt of the goods by the carrier or his agent, and the second is retained by the carrier as the accounting voucher; The last part of the shipment goes with the goods to the destination and delivers to the consignee as the basis for the goods to be received.

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